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([personal profile] istia Sep. 18th, 2017 10:09 pm)
This episode--408--is pretty much the most perfect finale I could imagine!

Spoilers )

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([personal profile] istia Sep. 18th, 2017 12:41 pm)
The longest state-of-emergency in BC's history finally ended on Friday. Read more... )

I'm doing my best not to think about having paid $1,658 for car maintenance & repair on Friday. Gah. Read more... )


I watched a pretty good docu about climate change that didn't tell me anything new, but did do a great job of providing a veritable smorgasbord of apocalyptic story ideas! Once we reach the 2 degrees celsius rise in global temperature (having already reached 1 degree), you got your fire-ravaged world, your flooded world, your earthquake-devastated world, your pandemic world, your starvation world....

19-2: The final episode of this show airs tonight. S4 has been tying up a bunch of loose ends as we approach the end. I'll miss the Ben & Nick partnership; also the new gay sarge & Bear & Tyler. I cheered when Bear finally got her promotion to sergeant! My 2 major hopes for the final episode are... Read more... )

Outlander: I'm only watching this show because I heard the gay guy might turn up some time during this 3rd series. Is he called John Gray or something like that? I haven't read the books so I have only the vaguest of notions.

The best things about this show remain the opening credits; the Scots accents & music; & the production values. My major reaction to 301-02 is: OMG, Frank, stop wasting your life being devoted to a woman who doesn't give a flying fuck about you! Wake up! Move on!

Teen Wolf: my watch for Derek & Stiles in the show's final few episodes continues. Spoilers 618 & 619 )

Upstart Crow: the other show about Shakespeare is back for its 2nd series! This one's the comedy rather than the (slightly) more serious Will that debuted this year. Only 1 episode into the new series so far, but I laughed several times, so it's promising.

Last night, I finally saw Guardians of the Galaxy 2! Poor Baby Groot, I decided to give him a friend. *g*

Title: Flora Friends
Artist: [personal profile] goss
Rating: PG (partial nudity)
Fandom: DCU, Guardians of the Galaxy
Characters/Pairings: Poison Ivy, Baby Groot
Content Notes: Created for the [community profile] drawesome Challenge #8: Non-Dominant Hand. I used my left hand to draw with pencil and paint with watercolour. I have never tried to use a paintbrush with my non-dominant hand, so I'm really happy with the way it came out. It did take me twice as long (if not more!) than it usually would though, plus my wrist kept cramping from the unaccustomed movement. Also, my name is signed backwards, because for some reason it's easier for my left hand to write stuff mirror-imaged. :b


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([personal profile] goss Sep. 16th, 2017 01:56 am)
  1. Mail!
    [personal profile] aerye, your letter came in the mail today! The Wonder Woman stamps are the COOLEST! :D :D And the card was such a perfect match. What a cute little surprise to come home to. <3

  2. Drawing
    I'm thinking about participating in Inktober this year. It's encouraging to note that daily posting isn't the only way to take part - there's also the option of doing an ink drawing every other day or simply once a week during the month of October, which would work for me. Lately, I've gotten quite comfortable doing art using a combination of pencil shading and watercolour, so it would be a good opportunity to move out of my comfort zone and get practice using pens and ink.

    I'm also thinking about integrating the challenge into the community activities at [community profile] drawesome - maybe encourage members to create weekly posts sharing Inktober entries they work on, over the next month.

  3. Chris Cornell
    Ever since his death, and especially in the last month or so, his voice, his music's been stuck in my head all the time. It's weirdly disconcerting. It's like my brain can't seem to process or get over a loss that I didn't even think about or miss until it was gone.

  4. TV
    In the two weeks since the school term has started, I've watched more tv than the entire summer vacation. I've been losing 1-2 hours sleep every night catching up on Orphan Black (S5) and Wynonna Earp (all of S2), and just started The Defenders this evening. I feel like it's been working as a great distraction to ease me back into the work stress, and it's what's been getting me through the last couple weeks.

  5. I know I probably say this every Friday, but OMG THIS WEEK WAS THE LONGEST. Weekend, I *truly* LOVE YOU.

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([personal profile] istia Sep. 11th, 2017 08:18 pm)
A small round-up of stuff I've been watching.

Dominion Creek: A Western w/ a couple of twists:

1. it's set in Canada instead of the ubiquitous US, during the Yukon gold rush of 1897-98;

2. it's an Irish show, the 1st Western the Irish film industry has made, apparently.

It's in 3 languages: Irish, English, & the local 1st Nation tribe's dialect, but has hard-coded English subtitles. It's astonishing how many Irish folks, men & women, were in the Yukon! Heh. It seems like 90% of the Dominion Creek denizens are Irish. They speak Irish continually amongst each other, but slide into English when it's an outsider, or occasionally throw some English phrase into the middle of an Irish sentence. The Irish title of the show seems to be An Klondike, anglicised into Dominion Creek for some reason.

At 1st I thought Dominion Creek was Dawson Creek renamed because famous Mountie Sam Steele is in charge w/ his no-nonsense rule of law, which includes not allowing any guns except his own within the town. But he departs a few episodes in for Dawson Creek (ETA: by which I actually meant Dawson City, which is in the Yukon & was the heart of the gold rush; Dawson Creek is a town in BC, nothing to do w/ the Yukon or the gold rush :), so apparently not!

It's a gritty, well-done, non-romanticised Western that focuses on the adventures of 3 Irish brothers who are all distinct personalities, but close-knit (when not fighting each other!): Tom, Padraig, & Seaumas Connolly. I like the show, except....

Spoilers )

Strike: Cuckoo's Calling: 1st series of 3 episodes was ultimately disappointing because the solution to the mystery was the least untwisty conclusion ever. From the 1st episode, I kept thinking, "I hope it isn't going to turn out to be so-&-so," so when it turned out to be so-&-so, I rolled my eyes. I'm not even a well-read mystery reader or watcher; I mostly only imbibe mysteries if they happen to be set in space, or occasionally some interesting historical time, like Cadfael. So it's not like I'm familiar w/ the genre, yet it was still so painfully obvious. I guess I can see why Robert Galbraith's books didn't make much of a stir until he was revealed to be J. K. Rowling!

There's also the continuing issue of the very uninteresting relationship between Cormoran Strike (Tom Burke) & his sidekick/helper/PA/trainee, Robin (Holliday Grainger). Just your typical, no-surprise male-female pairing. The only thing about this relationship that would be surprising is if they don't end up romantically involved. That would at least be refreshing. I have no expectations of its defying the well trodden route it's on.

The show's now into its adaptation of the 2nd Galbraith book, whose title I've forgotten. I'm only watching for Tom Burke. I still find him very enjoyable w/ his limp & his stubble & his down-&-outness. :)

Tin Star: I've only seen the 1st episode of this show so far (it's streaming on amazon prime, which I don't have), but I'm hoping for more. The title refers to the lead character's status as police chief. Jim Worth & his family (wife, teenage daughter, little boy) have just emigrated from London, England, to a small Albertan town at the foot of the Rockies called Little Big Bear. Magnificent scenery!

Which is under threat by tar sands development & big business hopes of profit via destruction. That's the Big Bad. Most familiar actor to me is Canadian Christopher Heyerdahl (Todd in SGA!), always excellent. He, naturally, plays an ominous guy. Though I should probably know Tim Roth, who's playing Chief Jim Worth.

So we have outsiders adapting to an entirely new culture & a small town on the cusp of catastrophic change. I particularly like the teenage daughter, who is very into the environment & protesting & bucking convention; also, she's not thrilled to have been ripped from her life in bustling London to be stranded in the Canadian wilderness. Heh. Nothing remotely boring-emo-teen about her.

But then the unthinkable happens.... So, good start. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next.

Teen Wolf: As the show airs its final ever few episodes, they're pulling out all the stops in bringing back old characters! Spoilers )

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([personal profile] goss Sep. 10th, 2017 09:27 pm)
Title: Anne Bonny (WiP)
Artist: [personal profile] goss
Rating: G
Fandom: Black Sails
Characters/Pairings: Anne Bonny
Content Notes: Created for the [community profile] drawesome Challenge #7: 5th DW Interest. My 5th interest turned out to be Black Sails. I chose Anne Bonny because she is a badass and will not hesitate to cut you down if you get in her way. :D

This is a work-in-progress. It's still at the pencil sketch outline stage. Hope to add shading, and maybe watercolour, when I get the chance, but I didn't want the week to pass without posting something to the comm.


Click here for entire artwork )
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([personal profile] goss Sep. 10th, 2017 08:45 am)
Do people even still make custom mood themes for LJ/DW?

I feel like I need one for my journal made up of Tyler Hoechlin gifs. There's so many cute/goofy gifs of him IRL (that recent Hollywood Game Night show is a gold mine *___*), and then there's all those hot/angsty Derek Hale ones that would be perfect for darker moods.

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([personal profile] goss Sep. 9th, 2017 11:03 am)
AAAAHH. I woke up this morning with thoughts of tidying up my dressing table. I started looking for something to put my earrings in. Went on Pinterest and saw some cute storage DIYs, and then somehow landed up on eBay, in which what can only be called a MAD FIT OF ONLINE SHOPPING ensued.

An hour and a half later, when the haze cleared, I realised that I'd purchased a boatload of jewellery storage, handbag organizers, travel/makeup pouches, feather-shaped memo pads and teacher stamps. STAFFROOM CHRISTMAS SHOPPING IS OFFICIALLY DONE! \o/

Of course, I bought them all directly from (reliable) China/Thailand sellers, because it's waaaaay less expensive, so like, it'll probably take 2-3 whole months to get here *fingers crossed* - just in time for the holidays, one hopes! LOL.

...uhhh. Not thinking about that credit card bill. Better get back to cleaning. :b
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([personal profile] istia Sep. 8th, 2017 03:17 pm)
1 family's identity rocked by autosomal DNA testing: She thought she was Irish until a DNA test opened a 100-year-old mystery.

The way she pursued the truth, over years, is the fascinating part of this account for me. It revs up all the old delight in unravelling the mysteries of family history that hit me when I was 16 & found a family tree & some old photos in a box I'd never seen before in the guest room closet. DNA testing, however, opens up all new vistas.

I admit I was a bit nervous when I took the DNA test in case it ripped apart everything I'd discovered & thought I knew about my family background. Not because my identity is handfast to what my explorations had established, but at the thought of possibly having to give up a whole sheaf of research I'd done if the DNA results undercut what I thought I knew.

Read more... )

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([personal profile] goss Sep. 7th, 2017 04:31 pm)
Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know that things here are fine. The worst we got was the outskirts of the storm, in the form of rain, thunder and lightning. No strong winds where I live, thank goodness.

This week has been as hectic as expected, being first week of the new academic year. I can't wait for the weekend - truly need it, which is why I didn't get a chance to post earlier. Thank you so much to all who sent notes checking up on my situation. It means so much to know that you guys were thinking of me. *hugs tight*

My thoughts and prayers are with all those much less fortunate than myself having to deal with the aftermath of such a terrible storm.